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Why Are Sun Screens Important?

Dick, many of us have been raised in climates with four seasons. We had to remove winter storm windows in the spring and replace them with wood-framed aluminum screens for summer ventilation. In our area we are faced with the tasks of repairing screens that have rotted away from the intense heat. The function of a sun screen is to prevent UV rays from every reaching your windows. With today’s products and technology in screens you can greatly reduce the heat gain through windows which are the highest contributors to heat gain in most homes. Sun screens work in three ways. (1) Shading efficiency, the amount of shade created between the screen and exterior pane of glass (2) Reflectivity the ability of the screen to reflect the sun’s rays away from the window, which keeps heat from touching the glass and (3) Absorption of the heat is absorbed into and held in by the screen material and then dispersed back into the air and away from the glass. For maximum efficiency, two elements are particularly important. First sun screens must be built to fit the exterior of your window with the spine facing out, this creates an insulating air space between the window and the screen. Secondly, and just as important is the screen material. The average lifespan of screen material is 7 to 10 years for fiberglass and 10 years plus for vinyl coated screens, in which time the screen has already paid for itself several times over. Sun screens are only as strong as their frames. Quality frames will last as long as you own your home so consider strong metal frames. Sun screen material will not block the view from inside during the day. In fact, it prevents anyone from looking inside. At night this effect is reversed if there is a light on inside the home. Sun screens also work to prevent insects from entering your home if you keep your windows open during spring and fall. When cleaning sun screens, use soapy water and a soft brush to scrub off the dirt and grime. Sun screens are an important addition to a home and can save energy as well.

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