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Winter Landscaping 

What can be done for winter landscaping?

I recently moved to Prescott from California. My yard is landscaped for the wonderful seasons of Spring Summer and Fall and seems to be basically going to drab now.

Any homeowner doing landscaping or even renovation of an existing yard should think of winter first. By planting the appropriate plants and planning, you can have a yard for all seasons. Our ornamental grasses are wonderful for a winter look. There are evergreens that grow wonderfully in our climate and should be considered for any yard. We have a huge variety of plants to select from and with research and care in plating you can have a beautiful yard year around. We are very fortunate in Arizona at our altitude we have a longer growing season and our plant palette is not limited. There are wide ranges of flowering trees, shrubs and plants so get your green thumb growing and welcome to Prescott and oh yes, do not forget the wonderful colorful and exciting boulders that you can find at Prescott Dirt and Arrowhead Materials. These items had such beauty and excitement to any yard.

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