Window Film – Is it a Good Investment?

My wife and I are thinking of installing window tinting on our windows. Is this something we should do?

Window film as it is currently called can certainly help reduce energy loss; lower cooling costs and helps reduce fading of interior furnishings by rejecting up to 99% of UV light. Window film can convert inefficient windows into efficient windows. There are films on the market that contain Low-e coatings. For example, if you currently have single pane windows, by installing window film with Low-e coating, you will now have the capacity of dual pane windows. If you now have dual pane windows, you can triple the Low-e by installing window film. Window film blocks the infrared heat from transferring through the window glass. That means that in the summer, heat does not pass through the windows and in the winter, heat from inside your home does not escape to the outside. We talked with Mark Williams, owner of Protint and Mark agrees that applying window film is a relatively inexpensive way to increase energy efficiency. Mark stated there are many exciting products on the market that can meet consumer needs and can be applied according to the window conditions of a home. Window film is a very cost effective way of saving energy and the costs of the product vs. your energy savings can be recouped in a relatively short period of time. Window films are easy to care for and clean, using products without ammonia and of course, not using rough scrubbing pads. Everyone should consider applying window film for instant energy savings. There are a variety of window film products on the market and one product growing in the market place is safety and security film. These films can bounce a brick of the window and the glass does not break or shatter. This film holds the glass in place and acts as a barrier taking a much longer time to break through the glass. There are reflective films which prevent the outside world from seeing in to your home, there are designer glass window films that have designs on them for sliding glass doors. Window films are exciting and have improved drastically over the years from the films that always seemed to “bubble” and “peel” and “crack”. The new generation of film is the wave of the future and at this time, there are still energy credits available for purchases.

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