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Will a New Roof Increase Your Tax Assessment?

Me neighbor told me our tax assessment will go up because of the new roof recently installed and that is considered an improvement to our property. Is this correct?

Roof replacements are considered to be normal maintenance items and are not considered new construction; therefore a new roof is not an alteration that would increase your tax assessment.

This question has prompted a listing of a variety of additional alterations or improvements that are non-tax assessment items and not considered to be new construction: Installing a new central HVAC system, replacement of any plumbing fixtures with new/modern fixtures, window replacements, addition of or replacement of any type of floor covering, addition of or upgrading cabinets, counter tops, appliances, repair of any decks, fences or doors, repair of exterior siding, painting, adding of any electrical. It is important to keep in mind these improvements, although not considered new construction, could change the value and affect your homeowners insurance. All homes require maintenance and refreshing/updating. Upgrades can lower insurance premiums because more often than not upgrades are considered to be energy efficient, and safety features involved can possibly give you better rates. It is critically important to talk with your insurance carriers about upgrades. Be pro-active and make sure you review your policy on a yearly basis with your agent.

Any remodeling is not generally considered new construction unless the remodel project adds square footage and increases the size of your current home. Increasing the size changes what they call the “effective age” of the home and your tax assessment will likely be increased. Here is a brief listing of items that are considered to be new construction and more than likely will increase a tax assessment:

Any addition to the existing structure, converting any unfinished area to livable space, adding a spa or swimming pool, or the addition of any patio or deck. If any structure is demolished, any change in use, possible major upgrades of electrical or plumbing. We highly recommend that you check with the property appraiser if you have any questions or concerns.

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