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Will Bug Bombs Eliminate Bed Bugs? 

Bug Bombs will not work on bedbugs because the majority of bedbugs spend their time hiding in protected areas such as under sheets and mattress seams, in cracks and crevices and along carpet baseboards. Bug Bombs do not penetrate these areas. According to the Journal of Economic Entomology, there is no one single treatment or technique that is effective. Bed bugs can be controlled by using combined integrated pest management techniques. Registered pesticides can provide effective control if used properly through licensed and qualified and professional applicators. Bedbugs have reached epidemic proportions and according to Tim Goeringer and Matt Goehller, owner of our local Orkin Pest Control, bedbugs are extremely common right here in Yavapai County and they see infestations on a weekly basis. Tim said that bedbugs have increased dramatically and they are considered a public health nuisance. Accordingly to Yavapai County Health Department, bedbugs are not known to transit infectious diseases even though bedbugs carry at least 28 different types of human pathogens. Some people are severely affected from bedbug bites. Complex measures must be taken to prevent and control bedbugs once they have been discovered in a home or place of business and controlling bedbugs takes time. There are chemical and non-chemical treatments to eliminate bedbugs. Orkin is now using a high heat treatment that is a superior solution to eliminating bedbugs.

It is important to remember that bedbugs are super hitchhikers and can be moved from used second hand furniture to baggage to boxes in a matter of a short time. They are extremely resilient and can survive for months and months without eating. It is a myth that bedbugs live in dirty places. They are not attracted to dirt, but to warm and cozy areas and they feed off human blood. Tim and Matt from Orkin said it is important to learn about the signs of bedbugs and if discovered you should immediately call for pest management and control.

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