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Who Can Help me Select the Proper Colors for the Interior of my Home? 

I want to paint the interior of my home, and I am so confused with all of the color paint chips to select from at our local stores and I feel intimidated because I know I am not good with colors. Is there a service that can help me select the proper colors that will blend and how much does this cost?

- Shari in Prescott

Shari, what you have described is the need to consult with an interior designer. not only are interior designers trained in the many facets and uses of color but they are also trained in the psychology of color. Many design firms offer “Color Palette” services and the price varies depending upon the number of colors, number of rooms, etc. On average, for the selection of 3 colors the rate is $35. Many firms include an in-home consultation which would last approximately one half hour. Many times discounts are given for multiple rooms and whole house projects. Interior designers are also experts in selecting exterior colors and finishes. 

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