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What is the Right Time and Place and How Do I Get Started? 

I am thinking about installing synthetic turf, what is the right time and place and how do I get started?

- Brad in Prescott

Brad, the synthetic turf of putting greens outfitted with windmills and dinosaurs is long gone. There are a host of newly improved products on the market and synthetic turf is the answer to some difficult landscape situations and it is also intriguing from an environmental standpoint and water conservation. First, ask yourself what is the problem you are trying to solve. Are you looking for a golf green, play area, pet area or just some green? There are several products on the market that would fit these applications. Synthetic turf products have various different lengths, thickness and density of fibers, so this must be taken into consideration when looking at the ruse and area. Newcomers such as yourself to the synthetic turf market should visit clients who have had synthetic turf installed for a year or more. Look at the product, how it is anchored and the appearance. . Anytime is the right time to install synthetic turf and if you are considering removing grass, the City of Prescott at this time is offering rebates for turf removal. Synthetic turf is very environmentally responsible considering 60 percent of all water use in the United States goes into watering lawns.

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