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What is an Energy Audit & How Do We Get One?

What is an Energy Audit? 

A home energy audit is a systems approach to analyzing your home’s energy performance used by our local utility companies APS and Unisource Energy Services. Utilizing the latest innovations in building science, energy experts will perform a comprehensive in-home energy analysis that will help you prioritize improvement projects that will deliver the most energy savings at the best value. Both APS & Unisource Energy Services are offering their customers an energy analysis for only $99. This is a value of approximately $400. In the Quad City area, because so many customers have both utility services in their homes, Unisource & APS have partnered and combined their audits. As a Unisource customer, if you call Unisource for an audit, APS will be the performing audit and not Unisource. You will receive a comprehensive assessment of how your home uses energy, areas of energy waste will be identified and you will receive a detailed report of recommended energy efficiency improvements that are tailored specifically for your home. It is important to remember that audits alone do not save energy. You will need to implement the recommended improvements.

Is there a guaranteed percentage we can expect to receive on our heating and cooling costs if we follow energy audit recommendations?

After evaluating your home, you could save up to 35% annually by selecting the improvements that will improve your thermal comfort, lower your energy bill and create a more affordable home.


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