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What is a Solar Tube? 

Installing a solar tube is one of the more exciting ways and most affordable ways to bring natural light into any dark area in your home. Solar tubes have a variety of names from tubular skylight, sun tube and sun tunnel. Solar tubes have different diameters with a mirror like interior. The interior acts like a mirror which brings light down the tube and into your room. Solar tubes are installed through your roof and have a weather-proof plastic globe cap on the roof. The light from a solar tube is all natural, offers warm indirect light which is the equivalent light of two to three 100 watt bulbs. Solar tubes are relatively inexpensive when compared to a sky light and there is no new paint, drywall and alterations to the roof or roof trusses. We have several companies here in town that install solar tubes;

Arizona Window Wizard 775-8964

Badger Roofing 771-8770

Builders Wholesale 778-6655

Eric & Sons 775-2880

Granite Basin Roofing 772-9222

Moyers Heating & Cooling 772-4346

The Door & Window Store 778-6402

Get the natural light that skylights provide but with less cost and less hassle.

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