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What is Roll-A-Shield 

We are part time residents in Prescott, leaving our home in Montana during the winter to enjoying the wonderful winter months in Prescott.  We want to “button up” our home when we leave to return to Montana and wanted to install some short of window covering or shield.   We have only been able to find window screens/sun shades.  Do you know of any other window shield for more security? 

There is a product available in our market called Roll-A-Shield, which is a rolling shutter. This is a very unique product consisting of aluminum slats that look like window blinds. These slats are hinged together and they roll up and down on tracks/guides. The window shield or shutter has a variety of applications from enclosing patios, covering outside windows and doors, and they can even be installed on the inside of homes to cover and close-off a pass-thru or even shut off closets. This Roll-A-Shield product can either be installed using manual, electric or remote control operation all controlled from within the home. The shutters have proven to reduce dust, outside noise and clearly insures privacy and offers security. These slats have small vents built into each individual slat, allowing a moderate amount of ventilation and filtered light into the area when the shutter is down, but not in the total closed or lock position. Roll-A-Shield can be raised or lowered and stopped at any point offering a variety of light control usage for at home usage. The shutter can be rolled up out of sight into a shutter box that is mounted above the opening when not in use. These shields are great insulators from winter cold and summer heat, offering energy savings year-around. Neumann High County Doors a locally family owned and operated company fabricates this item in their shop and it comes in a variety of colors. These shutters are made from material from the Heroal Company in German. Heroal is the inventor of the aluminum slat and is known worldwide as the foremost manufacturer of rolling shutter components. You can reach June Hawkins and the Neumann team at (928) 772-9738.

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