What is Faux Painting? 

My wife wants to faux paint the dining room and she said all we need is paint, a few sponges and a couple of hours.  I do not want our walls to appear as if they were painted in the dark and I know this is not a DIY project.  Without creating an argument, I know she reads this column; Hi Sally, Happy Birthday a professional painter is on the way – I love you.  Please give us some insight to faux painting. 

- Mark, Prescott Valley

Technically, “faux” is the French word for false. Faux finishes replicate the look of materials like marble. wood, leather and stone using paints, glazes and plasters – no sponges! There are traditional and old world faux finishes and the colors and styles selected would depend on your interior. Melanie Link, of Interior Artistry By Melanie Link is an exceptional local faux finish artist and says that faux painting is a way to make room’s look and feel soft and add depth and even visual texture. Faux finish can be applied to any wall area even in wet areas as these walls are finished with a natural wax that makes water bead right up and there is no staining or damage. Formica counters, cabinets, furniture, floors and even doors are all surfaces that can be faux painted.

Melanie can be reached at (928) 515-9599 and can transform any surface to match a dream décor.

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