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What are Your Recommendations to Unplug a Drain?

- Sue in Chino Valley

Sue, I have a horror story about a plugged drain that recently happened. I hereby raise my right hand and vow to never ever toss coffee grinds and 3 dozen hard boiled egg shells down the garbage disposal ever again! Never having a clogged drain before, I experienced a disgusting job of trying to unclog a backed-up drain. I thought garage disposals loved everything, is that not their mission to chomp and chew? I learned the anatomy of a garbage disposal and learned that humming and vibration from a garbage disposal come at all levels and dosimeters and all noise is not good. I created a problematic concoction of food waste, assuming that this high-torque motor and grinder would certainly be able to shred egg shells and coffee grinds into small pieces to pass through the plumbing, not realizing that I was about to create a major drain blockage when I hit the switch.

This event occurred on a Friday evening, finally Monday, I was able to call the plumber and how happy I was when I returned home to find that the garbage disposal was functioning properly and purring like a cat. I learned the garbage disposal has a rightful place and a badge of honor in my kitchen. Not every clog requires the expertise of a plumber. Here are a few tips that might save you should you experience a clogged drain.

The first task to try would be to pour boiling water very slowly down the drain. Sometimes this will dissolve the clogged debris. It may even take one or two times. Another remedy if this boiling water did not work would be to pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain. The ratios of mixture are ¼ cup baking soda into the drain first and then pour in one cup of vinegar. Let this mixture stand about 20 minutes. If these two tasks do not clear the drain, then it is recommended that you try a plunger or a plumber’s snake and you can try Liquid Drano. It is important to remember to use cold water when running your garbage disposal. This prevents damage to the blades and will wash away the food particles. It is also important to remember to never ever, under no circumstances whatsoever to put oil, grease or fat in a sink drain.

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