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What are Permeable Pavers? 

- Julie in Prescott Valley

Julie, there are continued efforts to make life environmentally friendly and green and these products are increasing in popularity in the landscaping industry. The leaning of green and environmentally friendly products in landscaping are being mandated by storm water management, LEED construction, recycling efforts, conservation of energy all of which have taken landscape products to a new level. One wonderful use on the market now is the use of permeable pavers. Permeable pavers are mostly used in replacing driveways or other large areas and these pavers are a terrific item to use for directing rain water runoff and preserving natural water drainage, allowing water to seep into the ground instead of running off into the street and down the sewer. Permeable pavers are made of clay or concrete and separated by joints filled with small stones. Water enters the joints between the pavers and is filtered through crushed stone layers. Permeable pavers offer a safe surface that is non-slip and come in a variety of colors, designs and are relatively easy to install. Permeable pavers are the best management practice if you want to help the environment, filter pollutants from storm water, and help maintain our watershed. Permeable pavers offer strength, durability and add to the beauty of a home. Permeable pavers are an environmentally and economically friendly choice for today’s homeowner that wants to eliminate standing water and add to the recharge of groundwater and enhance the beauty of their property.

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