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What Should I Remodel Based Upon my Budget?

I am thinking of remodeling and updating some items in my home and I want to spend my money wisely and do things in the proper order. Is there a company or service in our area that can give me some guidance as to what I should or should not remodel based upon my budget?

-Dan in Prescott

Dan , for all renovation and remodeling projects it is important to spend your money wisely so first off you deserve a “gold star” for recognizing the need for making an outline for your project and coming up with a scope of work. Renovation and remodeling is a tough undertaking at times as more than likely you will be “living” with all of the work while it is in process. If the project is planned properly from the beginning you will be able to remain within budget and minimize a lot of disruption in your home. My firm, Bussell Interiors offers a Visual Assessment Service for a very reasonable price. Thru this comprehensive viewing and walk-thru of your home, both interior and exterior, a detailed written report is created addressing the items that can use improvement and addressing items that you personally want improved; while highlighting positive existing conditions and provide you with a range – estimation of the cost of item which should be renovated as well as the order in which you should perform the renovation. This type of service is invaluable as you get design input from a professional interior designer. The written Visual Assessment is also a perfect service for anyone who is thinking about selling their home or who currently has their home on the market and wants a report describing the homes features and details for marketing purposes. This past Saturday, on KYCA 1490 AM, there was a feature on this Visual Assessment program and you can go on-line and listen to the archive of the program at A Visual Assessment is the first step to spending your remodeling dollars wisely.

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