What Exactly is a "Green Plumber"?

I have recently started to hear the words “Green Plumber” in our community. What exactly is a “Green Plumber?”

- Steve in Prescott

Steve, Green plumbing is one of the fastest growing topics in the plumbing industry. Green Plumbing is a plumbing industry initiative for the new green marketplace. Plumbing is a highly technical trade and absolutely essential to the health and well being of every person on the planet. A Certified Green Plumber is concerned with the methods and technologies for water conservation and ensuring a safe, clean and healthy environment. Green Plumbers must be Accredited we make a commitment to embrace the “green” movement and marketplace. We do this through education and teaching the importance of having a “green” plumbing system and/or items in your home. We offer and install products that can save energy and promote water efficiency and well as clean water. Green Plumbers are able to conduct an Environmental Inspection Report that will help you work out in detail how much water your residence or business is using and how much you can save. An Accredited Green Plumber is trained in water-efficient technology, climate and water care, and solar hot water. Each inspection report is custom-tailored to your home or business needs and challenges. An audit includes a complete check for leaks on all of the water fixtures in your home and/or business, a review of your previous energy bills and usage, defines alternatives which will increase water and energy efficiency in your home and/or business. You will save money and do your part to make our plant a Greener Planet. Green Plumbers sell and install plumbing home improvements that greatly reduce the amount of water and energy you use on a daily basis. Here are several ways you can have green plumbing: high efficiency toilets, dual flush toilets, low-flow show heads, aerators, no salt water softeners, solar hot water heating, tankless water heating, energy efficient dishwashers and washing machines and rain water and gray water harvesting units. It does not take a lot to conserve water and energy and it takes only a few minor changes to have “green plumbing” in your home and/or business. Accredited Green Plumbers can help you create a “green plumbing system” in your home.

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