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Water Wise Plants and Xeriscape 

I hear so much about water wise plants and Xeriscape. What do these words mean?

- Pat in Prescott

Pat, Xeriscape or water-wise approach to landscaping under the right application offers many outstanding benefits over traditionally highly watered landscaping. Xeriscape and water-wise plating is emerging as one of the most common forms of landscape, especially due to water supply and conservation. The extraordinary savings in water alone are so significant, both to individual property owners and to municipalities trying to save water demand. Also, the potential saving in initial landscape construction, as well as in ongoing maintenance, is substantial. The Xeriscape approach to landscaping is great news because it allows homeowners to take a proactive approach and exhibit true stewardship approach to saving our precious natural resource – water. Landscape professionals are able to bring beauty to the community due to the availability of so many natural and beautiful plants. These are easy-to-grow and easy-to-care plants. Xeriscape requires less maintenance, less dollars, less water still giving a quality look and appearance to a home. Inasmuch as there is a general increasing concern about environmental issues, many people are rethinking the way the way to landscape. Extensive use of plants that often require widespread use of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers cause significant problems that can be avoided by using plants more naturally suited to each site. The practical advantages of Xeriscape approach to landscaping clearly make it possible for everyone to do something about many environmental problems we face. The City of Prescott has some wonderful information, available free of charge of water-wise plants.

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