Think Twice Before Flushing Tissues down the Drain

We are back to Latin plumbum again this week to address additional plumbing questions and to hopefully settle a family argument. We will announce the statement that was sent to us and the truth of the conclusion was substantiated by several plumbers. It seems that one local family has been taking their plumbing system for granted and recently they have noticed the toilet seems to be getting clogged on what the man of the house describes as a “regular basis”. 

My wife continues to flush tissues down the toilet daily. I have tried telling her to please stop, I have tried asking her to refrain from this practice and as of last week I have tried to show her how to unplug and clear the clog herself. Please explain to my wife this practice is significantly detrimental to the function ability of the toilet and can lead to a major plumbing issue and the only preventative measure to take to stop this maintenance issue is to stop flushing tissues into the plumbing system. 

Think twice before flushing tissues down the drain. Although tissues are somewhat of the same texture and thickness of toilet paper, tissues do not break down with the same consistency as toilet paper. Tissues and paper towels are two of the most dangerous culprits in clogging toilets. These paper products are made to absorb moisture before any breakdown takes place, unlike toilet paper which breaks down and dissolves more quickly and immediately. Toilets are made to flush away toilet paper and waste only and not items which do not break down, and therefore when tissues and paper towels are flushed down toilets, they will clog the drain and many times, will not even travel through the drains at all.

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