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Sprinkler Systems 

We are 3 months new to Prescott, have a sprinkler system we are not at all sure what to do with and, we have heard so much about the monsoons and how they can “water for us” can you and your landscapers please give us some guidance.

For someone who is new to Prescott and not used to our altitude, weather, monsoon season and temperatures, operation of a sprinkler system can certainly be very foreign and confusing. There is no weather season “business as usual”. We have had dry monsoon seasons, to extremely wet seasons, we have had hot scorching summers where it has been critical to water frequently. We experience heat waves, snow and ice in our beautiful mountain community and any of these weather changes and/or a combination of them can be devastating to a nicely landscaped yard. A proficient licensed provider of landscape, sprinkler systems, irrigation design and a system that is properly installed can provide many benefits to your yard, garden and other landscaping. We are fortunate to have that proficient provider with Richard Tinder of TLC Sprinkler Repair, Inc. We talked with Richard and the first comment Richard made was “Water requirements are different for plants; grass or flowers and each valve can be and should be set for those specific needs.” An experienced sprinkler contractor will take the time to troubleshoot the entire system and make corrective recommendations. Richard also said that “you should use the opportunity when you meet with the sprinkler professional to ask questions so you fully understand your system and watering requirements.” With proper education, you will be able to operate your sprinkler system on your own.

Now that the monsoon season has arrived, the higher need for watering plants and grass is less. However, the moisture is still sporadic and scattered so you cannot shut the system down or cut the watering time drastically. You need to keep an eye on your watering needs based on the amount of rain we receive.

Keeping systems operational during the summer is critical said Richard and this includes valves that are operating correctly so there is an output of proper pressure of water to satisfy the needs for the sprinkler heads and emitters. “Valves will (on the average) last 5-10- years before they start to malfunction and this varies depending on the amount of exposure to heat and cold” said Tinder. When valves start to fail they either will lose pressure or they stay on all the time. When this starts to happen, it is time to rebuild or replace them. It is Murphy’s Law that when one valve starts to lose its productivity, the other valves start to follow. It is best to replace them all at the first sign of trouble. With improper functioning valve and emitters and poor maintenance you can be subject to a system loss of several hundred gallons of water each time the system is on and landscaping that can die.

Tinder said that properly operating timers are equally important. Timer settings should be adjusted for each season and the type of vegetation in your yard. It is easy to make your sprinkler system work for you and your vegetation. A properly designed and adjusted system can use less water and provide great results all while saving you money. You can have the perfect sprinkler system. It is easy as one-two-three with TLC Sprinkler Systems, serving the Quad Cities area with over 35 years in the sprinkler industry.

Remember, living landscapes need water to survive and flourish. Relying completely on our areas fluctuating natural rainfall isn't usually the best method of supplying water to our yards and plants. A constant source of water may; the home irrigation system when properly installed and maintained can and will conserve water by directing it exactly where and when it's needed.

The largest use of potable water in Arizona is water on landscape. If we all do our part, we can reduce our water which will help meet our future needs, resulting is cost savings to the homeowner, decrease energy use and of course help preserve our environment.

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