Spray Foam

I want to use spray foam in our new home. What are your thoughts?

Insulating walls and ceilings with spray foam is relatively expensive, typically more than twice the cost of fiber glass batts. The energy performance of foam is hard to beat and spray foam is a dual-duty system that is ideal for both new and remodeling.

It is much easier to find paints and adhesives that contain fewer VOC’s (Toxic ingredients common in paints, adhesives and many household items that are released into the air) where do caulking materials land as far as VOC products? Martha, Prescott Valley

For the most part, the latex-based caulks release less VOC’s during the initial application and during drying then solvent-based relatives. No one seems to have data on how these latex caulk products effect and influence air quality over time. It is important to know that if you use this type of caulks, never use exterior products indoors. There is a much higher off-gassing on all exterior products. It is also important to realize there is a difference between silicone caulk and acrylic-latex caulking materials. If you are looking for a green product it is important to read the labels and know and understand the product you are about to purchase, what areas it should be use in and in conjunction with what type of materials.

Did you know that cabinets can not only make a huge design statement, but they can also have a major impact on indoor air quality? It is important to make sure your cabinets when installed are kept from having direct contact to the back of the wall, this will prevent mold growth. If you can smell your cabinets, more than likely they are off-gassing some type of toxin. If you want green cabinets, look for certified wood doors, look for low-impact paints and stains or even consider using water-based stains. Ask your cabinet fabrication if they are certified through Environmental Stewardship Programs. Ask your cabinet maker where the wood is harvested from and what chemicals they use to finish their product. The formaldehyde particle board and plywood once used so frequently over and over again is now becoming a way of the past. There are some new products on the market such as straw-based shelving. Green in cabinet making is making great strides.

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