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Solar Screens or Tinted Windows?

We recently purchased a home and would like to know which item will keep our home cooler/warmer and reduce our bill – solar screens or tinted windows?

It depends on which screen and which tine you are comparing. The critical factor is how effective they are. The effectiveness is measured by either the Shading Coefficient or the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. In both cases the lower the number, the less heat is allowed to transfer through the window. Generally speaking, shade screens have a Shading Coefficient of about 0.35 and most tints have a Shading Coefficient of between 0.5 and 0.75. So in general, shade screen are better than most tints, but there are always exceptions to the rule and there and many new exciting tint products on the market that a great at keeping the heat out. So it is better to contact a solar screen company and a widow tint company and check out all products before you make a selection.

Condensation is a result of the difference between the indoor and outside air temperature. Condensation is happening more than likely due to a break in the window seal and/or deterioration of window flashing or an installation issue. If the cause has been determined due to a break in the window seal and if your windows are less than
10 years old, the window manufacturer should replace the window for no charge. More than likely there would be installation fees.

Window technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the past several years. It is important to keep in mind when purchasing windows whether retrofit or new, the windows should at a minimum, at least be Energy Star qualified.

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