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Sluggish Drain Lines

We are having issues with our leach lines and they are sluggish. My husband wants to call a company to mechanically clean them and I want to forgo that expense and use a holistic approach. Is there a product that you recommend?

I love our community. It is so wonderful when you can pick up the phone and call a local plumber and ask for help. There is a product called Bio-Rem E-D which can be used to clear grease traps, overloaded plumbing and waste lines, sluggish sewer and leach lines and slow running drains. The product works with enzymatic action along with several strains of organisms that effectively break down the grease and other forms of blockage. Odors are eliminated and drains are free-flowing and it is biodegradable. The product can be used as a “cleanout dosage” a “maintenance dosage” or as a “shock dosage” for leach lines. Kim and Bill Gagnon at The Plumbing Store carry this super product and I have a canister at home for “just in case”.

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