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Should I Wait for Spring Before Having a Paver Driveway Installed? 

I have a brand new home with a dirt driveway. I would like to install a paver driveway and walkway but don’t know if it would be wise to have the work done now, with freezing weather on the way. Should I wait for spring?

- Craig in Dewey
Craig, there is no reason to wait until spring to install paver hardscape. Properly laid pavers, with an appropriate base, can be laid in any season of the year. If you are worried about expansion/contraction of your soil, the joints between the properly installed pavers will allow the walkway, driveway or patio to move without cracking. In addition, pavers themselves are very resistant to damage from freeze/thaw cycles.

usually not an issue since exiting dirt if typically removed to accommodate the proper paver base material. In addition, our winter season in Yavapai County is typically mild enough that our soils do not freeze as they do in more extreme climates. Winter is a great time to work on your paver and other hardscape projects since the construction is less disruptive when your yard is not in regular use. When spring arrives (in 49 days) you will have more time to enjoy your new pave project.

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