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Replaced Shower Head Causes Water Pressure to Drop 

We have a 15 year old home. I recently replaced the shower heads and now it seems as if the water pressure has dropped. Can you help?

More than likely the fixtures are the problem. Be aware that newer plumbing fixtures have various water flow restriction devices that the good old “Feds” have mandated to help us save water. The reduction of water volume is very noticeable with newer shower heads. You can remove the water flow restrictor if it is removable. There are some devices on the market that have permanent restriction devices in the shower head.

Make sure that the water shut off valve is fully opened – just a possibility in case you did not give it the full throttle. Just as a reminder to other homeowners that might experience low water pressure with sink faucets, more than likely the aerator screen has become clogged with particles. Sometimes the screen needs to be cleaned, or possibly the aerator needs to be replaced if it is old and worn.

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