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Remodeling a Bath Toilet Area

My wife and I are going to remodel a small bathroom and my wife is insisting that we enlarge the bath for additional toilet space.  Is there a rule of thumb that should be considered when enlarging a toilet area and is it really important?

In talking with Christy Board, a local Certified Bath and Kitchen Designer there are other considerations for bathroom planning besides fixtures and cabinets and flooring, etc. One of the major ones to consider is the toilet area. Some people read while sitting on the toilet so having proper lighting and a storage area for reading materials is important. Also ventilation should be planned. The size and type of the toilet you are going to install needs to be considered. A two-piece toilet (one with a separate tank and bowl) has a much larger profile than a one-piece toilet. The typical seat height of a toilet is between 14 and 17 inches so consideration for wheelchair usage or handicap usage should be considered when designing a new bath area. There are various toilet widths and they range from 17 to 23 inches. A standard toilet bowl is about 25 inches deep, while one with an elongated bowl is about 30 inches. Also, we all know that using the toilet people need to stand, turn, sit, remove clothing, shoes and use nearby supplies. The bath industry recommends at least 30 inches of clear space in front of the toilet to allow for these activities and might possibly have to be larger for people needing assistance. It is important to check with your local building code official to see what the code clearance is. For someone needing assistance it is better to consider greater clearance in front of the toilet and the side area. Also, some toilet areas may need grab bars, now or for future planning reinforcement around the toilet area should be considered. The toilet can be in several places within a bath and may even have its own separate area. It is important to allow sufficient space for cleaning around the toilet area or there are no walls or obstacles areas.

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