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Polished Concrete Over Tile

I have existing tile in the kitchen, living and dining room area.  I am considering polished concrete flooring.  Can I just apply the polished concrete over the existing tiles or do I need to have the tile flooring removed?

This is a question that comes up more often than not; installing a new flooring component over existing flooring.  Tile is a very popular and common flooring material and according to Brian Peterson of Diversified Concrete Crafters “if a homeowner wants polished concrete floors, the existing tile material must be removed.”  In order for the polished concrete floor to adhere and perform up to its strength, beauty and standards, the existing concrete sub-base must be inspected and evaluated to determine the desired floor finish.

It is important to inspect the existing concrete base for cracks, chips, floor hardness and “tile ghosting”.  Tile ghosting is the appearance and shadowing of tile outlines on the concrete floor once the existing tiles have been removed.  The ghosting can seep through polished concrete floors if not prepared correctly.  Depending on the severity of these common issues when the tile is removed, a “polish able overlay” is some cases needs to be installed over the existing concrete to prepare the floor to eliminate issues and create a level surface.

Once the existing concrete floor has been prepared properly, then patterns and decorative saw cuts can be added for aesthetic appeal prior to the polishing if so desired.  There are many pros to a polished concrete floor; the green value is cleaner and unlike tile a polished concrete floor is breathable and it does not harbor mold and mildew.  A polished concrete floor is an ideal flooring material for asthma and COPD sufferers, it is easier to maintain and clean and certainly can outlast carpet.  You can be as creative as you want with a polished concrete floor from color to design.  With the ease of maintenance, Brian said that “polished concrete floors are the new kid on the block in the world of decorative flooring material”.  

Installing polished overlay flooring requires a special and distinctive level of expertise and according to Brian, performing the overlay is complex and if not done correctly problems will occur.

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