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Plants for Winter Months  

What can I plant in my yard to make it look better through the winter months?
- Anne in Prescott

Anne, evergreen trees and shrubs are a good place to start. Evergreens will anchor your winter landscape and provide structure and texture to your yard. Not all evergreen trees are green. Try to select an evergreen with foliage in a different color than neighboring plants in your hard. Select an Austrian Pine for dark green foliage, Leyland Cypress for an emerald green or Blue Spruce for a beautiful gray-blue hue. Deciduous trees can be added with an eye toward selecting a tree with beautiful bark or an interesting silhouette. Evergreen shrubs like Oregon Grape, Rosemary or Boxwood can provide nice winter color when mixed in your gardens of annuals and perennials. Some evergreen bushes like Winterberry and Holly sport berries to brighten your winter landscape. Cuttings of these plants are also popular as holiday decorations. Ornamental grasses can add texture to your winter yard. Try fountain grass or a dwarf pampas grass for showy plumes. Blue Fescue grows in a neat, compact mound and maintains its silver-blue color through the winter months. A light dusting of snow can transform an ornamental grass into a dramatic sculpture. Keep in mind that fall is the best time to plant, so your timing is ideal. With a little planning, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful yard, year around.

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