Items Requiring a Permit? 

Last week our column pertained to the parameters of building items that do not require a building permit within the City of Prescott. This week we are going to address the items which do require a building permit with the City of Prescott. Next week we will address these same issues for Yavapai County.

As we stated last week each building project for most residential projects must obtain the appropriate permits before construction can begin. The city permitting processes are designed to ensure that all applicable federal, state and city regulations as well as local building codes and safety standards are enforced. Every project is unique and there are required passages through the processing phase for permit requirements. We encourage anyone to contact the City of Prescott to discuss their particular needs, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the City of Prescott Building Department at (928) 777-1356.

A building permit in the City of Prescott SHALL BE REQUIRED for the following:

One story new residential structure and/or detached residential accessory buildings on residential property being used as tool/storage sheds, playhouses and similar uses, if the floor area exceeds 200 square feet under roof. A permit is required even if the building does not have plumbing, electrical or mechanical components.

Roofing if the sheathing is being replaced.

Installation of hot water heaters. Many people ask “why” for this particular item and it is because the hot water heater is a device that is connected to the main electrical and/or gas supply line and this is considered health and safety.

Expansion tanks are now required on all water heaters for new installations and/or replacement tanks. Water heaters for manufactured housing require a manufactured housing label on the tank itself.

Any porches, whether enclosed or not require a permit. The reason behind this is any porch affects the egress of the building and this is a safety issue.

All construction projects must take into consideration the “snow fall” for the Prescott area. This is the amount of snow fall per foot and prevents roof collapse. This is a safety issue and this is why all roofs, porches, etc must have a permit.

Any window replacement, multiple or a single window requires a permit. The issues pertaining to window replacement affect energy code, egress and historical value. Our area stipulates that all windows must have a thermal factor to save energy. So, single pane windows can no longer be installed. There needs to be 5.6 square feet of egress area in a sleeping room. For example, if you are replacing a smaller window in a sleeping room, code now stipulates that you must install a larger window. And then, if you are replacing windows on a historical home, the window needs to work with the historical architecture of the home.

Drywall repairs over 2 sheets or drywall being replaced in a sheer wall requires a permit. The definition of a shear wall is a wall that reinforces lateral movement so the wall does not collapse.

Walls and fences over 4 feet high. The “pretty side” of the fence must face out, meaning the neighbor gets to have the pretty view and does not see the nailing, support bars, etc.

Construction of a swimming pool over 18 inches deep. If you purchase a pool from a retail store and the pool is over 18” inches deep, a site plan permit is required to assure adequate fencing.

Replacement of any exterior door and jamb. The door alone does not require a permit.

Installation of any yard lines; gas, electrical and water.

Changing appliance locations in a remodel, such a moving a range or dish water or refrigerator. Changing locations of water closets, or adding a shower or bath tub.

Water lines for landscaping must have a back flow preventer and this requires approval from the Public Works Department.

Back Water Valves require a permit.

Any change outs or upgrades to the electric panel.

Installation of a new HVAC system.

Major stucco repair and replacement of siding. Normal maintenance does not require a permit.

Concrete flat work such as patios, driveways and sidewalks. Non structural slab on grade items do not require permits. Vertical structures and anything with a footing requires a permit.

Septic tanks in the City of Prescott are permitted through Yavapai County.

Wells are also permitted through Yavapai County. The City of Prescott must approve the location of the well. If city water is provided to this particular area, the residence is required to attach to city water unless the owner can qualify under ARS Statutes for an exemption.

Evaporative coolers do not require a permit, unless they are roof mounted unit, then a permit is required.

The City of Prescott Building Department is the statutory authority that oversees the building control with the city. They ensure safety, livability and sustainability of our built environment. Our city Building Department regulates building practices, provides services to the consumers and builds a stronger leadership and brings better building practices to our area.

To help prevent you from becoming a victim YCCA encourages anyone thinking of hiring a contractor to check with YCCA to verify that the person or company that you are hiring is licensed to do contract work in Arizona and is in current license standing with the ROC.

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