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Is it OK to Install a Paver Patio in the Winter? 

- Gary and Michelle, Prescott, AZ

Yes! A common misconception is that pavers cannot be installed during our coldest winter months. This misconception probably dates back to the old brick and mortar methods of installation which did require warmer temperatures for the proper curing of the mortar. With today’s materials, additives to the mortar solve this problem when mortar is used. Interlocking paver systems can be installed at anytime of the year, regardless of the season.

The only concern with installing pavers in the winter is with frozen ground. This is usually not an issue since exiting dirt if typically removed to accommodate the proper paver base material. In addition, our winter season in Yavapai County is typically mild enough that our soils do not freeze as they do in more extreme climates. Winter is a great time to work on your paver and other hardscape projects since the construction is less disruptive when your yard is not in regular use. When spring arrives (in 49 days) you will have more time to enjoy your new pave project.

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