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Is an Air Cleaner a Good Investment?

We are having an allergy problem inside our home. Should we buy an air cleaner?
Air cleaners, now known as air purifiers can remove a variety of particles from your home such as odors, tobacco smoke, pollen, dust, some gases and viruses. Indoor air pollution is one of the highest environmental health risks and indoor air purifiers are just one way of removing indoor air pollution. If you are unable to vent your home due to weather conditions, or outside dust and noise issues, then a portable air purifier may be just right. Again, a portable air purifier is not meant to filter the air in an entire home. There are air purification systems and devices that can be attached to your HVAC unit and one thing we have said over and over, change your air filters monthly and the inexpensive air filters are perfectly acceptable. The pleated or extended surface filters, the HEPA filters and electrostatic filters are not necessary as long as you change the filters monthly. Air-cleaning devices do remove some airborne allergens, but keep in mind they do not decrease any adverse health issues that in sensitive cases. With a HVAC system air-purification device, you need to consider the cost, are there noise issues, installation requirements for your particular system and the abilities to remove air pollutants.

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