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Is There a Way to Get the Stain Out, or Must I Replace the Tile?  

When I arrived home the other day, I noticed my precious little Fergie had an “accident: on our travertine floor sometime during the day. I cleaned it up, but a yellow stain remains. Is there a way to get the stain out, or must I replace the tile.
- Ivie in Prescott

Ivie, there is great news. There are products available to remove the stain from your travertine floor. You will need to purchase a poultice powder to remove the stain. Poultice powder to remove the stain. Poultice powders such as Stone Preserve’s Stain Removers, are easy to use non-acidic absorbent powders designed to draw out most stains from absorbent surfaces that cannot be removed with liquid cleaners. They are easy to use. Simply clean the area first with distilled water, then mix the poultice powder with water to create a think paste about the consistency of peanut butter. Apply the paste directly to the stain approximately ¼” to ½” think, overlapping the stain ¼” to ½”. Cover the paste with plastic wrap; poke a few holes in the plastic and let stand for 24-48 hours. Once the past has hardened, remove the plastic and gently remove the dried paste with a plastic scraper. Clean the surfaces with a ph balanced cleaner, and then re-seal the surface. Some stains may require more than one application of the poultice to completely remove the stain.

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