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Innovative Counter Top Material  

I am considering replacing my laminate counter tops in the baths and cannot afford granite or another natural surface and do not want marble. Is there another relatively low-cost product on the market that would make my bath vanity tops pop?

Living in a small town area such as our Quad Cities can certainly be engaging. Now mind you, I am by no means a movie star, I do not have pink hair and consider myself to be somewhat of a plain vanilla non-descript girl that is just ordinary. As I was standing in line at the bank this week, I started “small talk” with the woman behind me. I have come to accept that I must have this weird sounding, penetrating trilling voice that is recognizable. People most often mistake me (my voice) for Georgette on the now off the air Mary Tyler Moore TV show. As I was chatting, Dora suddenly recognized my voice and asked me if I was Sandy with YCCA. I said yes and she squealed with delight (it was a good thing we were not in a library) and Dora said “I have a question for your column will you please answer it in the paper and do not give me the answer now”. So Dora it was a pleasure meeting you, thanks for reading our column and here is your question and answer.

There is an innovative product on the market called Tru-Stone which provides the look of natural stone. Tru-Stone is an innovative and totally unique product that will upgrade your bath with a new and exciting look. Tru-Stone is both manufactured and sold locally by Precision Marble & Granite. The product is made using a technology which incorporates high definition images into cultured marble, without the standard cultured marble look and cost. Tru-Stone gives a face-lift to cultured marble and there are many stylish designs and colors available for any personality. This product is easy to clean, moisture and mildew resistant, is grout-free and can be used not only on vanity counter tops but shower walls, tub splashes and tub skirts and shower floors. Tur-Stone surfaces do not require sealing and this material is impervious to water. Precision Marble and Granite has a wide range of colors and designs to select from that give the look of granite, marble, travertine and give an upscale appearance that is now within financial reach. This product is more durable than the traditional laminate counter tops and is stronger than marble. The product is stain resistant and will not delaminate. Since the product designs are created by high resolution images it is even possible to create your own personal design for your shower with an additional cost for personalization.  Tru-Stone will turn your bath into a beautiful yet practical area. This product is only recommended for use in the bath area as it is not conducive for kitchen counter tops. You must stop by Precision Marble and Granite and see the colors and styles and price of the totally awesome product. If you have any questions, give Rachel a call at Precision Marble & Granite at 445-7642 as she has all of the answers. Dora, I look forward to seeing you around our great town.

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