I Hear a Hissing Noise From my Propane Tank. What is This?

- Ernie in Chino Valley

Ernie, sometimes when you have an appliance running in your home such as a furnace or water heater, the propane regulator installed on the tank will make a hissing sound as the gas flows thru to the appliance. The larger the demand of the gas, the louder the hissing sound will be. A gas leak on the tank can also cause a hissing sound; however, you will smell propane around the tank area. If you hear the hissing sound, call your propane supplier and they would be happy to come out and inspect. Remember, it is important, anytime you smell propane in your home or around the tank area, always call your gas supplier. They can do a leak check on the system to determine if you have a gas leak. A typical leak and system check usually takes about one hour to perform.

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