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How to Tune up Your Evap Cooler

How do I tune my evaporative cooler?

Using an evaporative cooler was at one time, a great way to save money on energy bills. Today, evap cooling is still a good way to cool your home and enjoy fresh air, however A/C units with a SEER rating of 12 or higher are extremely efficient and seem to have come close to closing the efficiency gap between these two types of systems. Evap coolers cool space through the evaporation of water. The unit draws hot air through wet pads which cools the air and then blows air into the home. Evap coolers create constant air movement which makes people feel cooler. The evap cooler houses evaporative pads, a blower and blower motor, water lines, a float to regulate the water level and a water re-circulating pump. Once the dew point reaches 50 degrees or more, an evaporative cooler is not very efficient. Here is a great tip to remember; Rule 140. If the temperature plus the dew point equals 140 or more, then do not expect much out of your evap cooler. Here are some tips to make sure to achieve maximum efficiency from your unit during the time of year when it must work the hardest for you.

• Make sure the water lines are distributing water evenly. Look carefully at the cooling pads and make sure there are no dry spots. Dry spots indicate poor water distribution. Make sure the pads have not settled leaving a gap at the top edge that allows hot air to flow into the unit.

• Clean the water reservoir beneath the cooler. This pan holds the water that is re-circulated through the pads. Whatever is in the pan (mud, grime, grease) is circulating through the water lines and into the pads.

• Make sure the blower belt is tight, but no so tight that it strains the electric motor. The belt should move about ¾” to 11/2” at mid span.

• Make sure your lube the cage bearing.

• Add a scale-eliminating product to the water reservoir to reduce mineral build up.

Evap coolers needs as much TLC or more than normal A/C systems. And just because our days are getting cooler and you might be able to turn your system off, keep the evap cooler feeling the love of life!

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