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How To Remove a Grease Stain

I was taking a bag of bacon grease to the trash container; at least I should get an “atta boy” for not running it down through the disposal water/sewer system as you have indicated in past columns that is not the thing to do. Anyway, I got side tracked when my wife yelled at me for help, sitting the bag beside the trash can on our paver driveway. You can image what happened – I now have a wide extensive splotch of bacon grease stain over multiple pavers and my wife is really yelling at me.

Most auto supply stores should carry products for grease removal that can be used on driveways/pavers/garage floors. Try this first and if that does not help, pavers can be easily replaced and reinstalled, I know this first hand as I have removing and installing all of the engraved pavers for the Centennial project at the City of Prescott. I will be happy to help you with my paver installation tool a huge salad fork, which of course will never be able to be used as a salad fork again.

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