How to Remove Window Film

This is a relatively easy project and should not cause any rift between the two of you. All you need is a bath of sudsy ammonia, a spray bottle, some plastic wrap and a razor blade. This process should be performed when the window is cool, not in direct sunlight and in the heat of day. Also, something our reader from last week did not do with his silver nitrate project, protect any carpet surfaces from the ammonia. Spray the sudsy ammonia directly onto the window film until it is soaking wet. Immediately cover the west area of the window with the plastic wrap. Leave this standing for approximately 45 minutes. Do not let the ammonia dry out. If you see that it is beginning to, remove the plastic wrap and re-spray the filmed area again. The sudsy ammonia will dissolve the adhesive that is holding the film to your window. At this point in the removal process, you should be able to peel back the plastic wrap and then remove the window film. 

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