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How to Dress up a Kitchen Light Box?

We have a light box in the middle of our kitchen and want to dress it up – is there anything we can do? 

Lighting has such an impact on our moods and can certainly create an ambiance that is wonderful for our physical and psychological self. Lighting in a kitchen is extremely important for working and reading grandma’s recipes. In order to “dress” up your kitchen lighting and add some spunk, you can remove the plastic light panels and the light ballasts and then dress up the light box by adding crown molding around the outer edge and/or even install the crown molding inside the light box area and then of course installing new light fixtures inside the light box. Both new lighting and crown molding will set your kitchen off with a new exciting look. Of course with any major electrical change out it is advisable to use a licensed electrician who will be able to connect and hang your new light fixtures and if you are not handy with a miter saw for cutting and installing the crown molding, then a trim carpenter would be your best bet.

These changes are an instant and inexpensive way to give your kitchen light box and new exciting look and will make the cabinets and countertops look better and even make doing the dishes more fun.

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