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How to Decide if You Should Install Granite?

How would I know if granite is a good choice for my home?

Granite, next to diamonds is the hardest stone in existence and diamonds may be a girls best friend, but granite may be a home’s best friend. There are many reasons that make granite a premier choice for not only counter tops, but for many interior design applications and treatments in the home.  Granite comes from the Latin granum which means grain which relates to the structure found in the crystalline rock.  Granite is a multi-part composite of several minerals which is formed into the crystalline rock patterns which gives granite its beauty and color that because no two slabs of granite to look exactly alike. Granite is formed at what they call the “heart of the earth” where intense heat actually boils the rocks into molten material, this cools and then is solidified into a hard igneous rock and granite is the result.  There are various grades of granite and color and patterning is what determines the grade level pricing. The more robust and full-bodied the color of the granite is what determines the price range.  All granite grades are durable and beautiful.  Normally, there are 3 grade levels; Grade I being the most expensive, Grade II the middle price and Grade III is the less expensive grade.  One of the main reasons granite is selected for counter tops and other design uses is because of its natural beauty.  The coloration of granite will never change, since it is a hard stone, it will take another piece of granite or diamonds to cut or scratch the counters, so therefore it is resistant to scratches from normal use.  It is head-resistant as well.  It is important to think of the entire space when selecting granite for your counter tops.  Do not just select based on the slab of granite.  You need to think of your entire kitchen, with the cabinets and flooring.  You do not want to retrofit your space with a slab of granite; you want to reinvent your space.  It is important to plan the area that you are thinking of changing.  Granite is durable, easy to care for and is beautiful and is a worthwhile investment.    Next week we will cover how to keep granite tops looking new so stay tuned for part two of a home’s best friend ----GRANITE.

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