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How do I Select the Right Nails for the Job? 

I recently purchased a home and wanted to have on hand nails for household use. How do I select the right nails for the job?

Nails – wire nails, common nails, joist nails, concrete nails, asphalt nails, finish nails, spikes, drywall nails, galvanized nails, sinkers, duplex, square nails. There is a total history on nails, which dates back to the Ancient Roman time. Nails are the most common fastener to use for household projects. Typically nails are made of steel and are often coated to prevent corrosion. There are many different types of nails, made in a variety of shapes and even texture. Most all countries with the exception of the United States use the metric system for designating nail sizes. In the US the term “penny size” is used and this is what determines the length of the nail. The letter “d” is the abbreviation for penny. A 2d (or two penny) nail is one inch long and every additional penny, the longer the nail. A 2d is 1” in length a 3d is 1 ¼ “ in length a 4d is 1 ½ inch in length and a 6d is 2 inches in length so you can see the larger the number, the longer the nail. Anything over a 20d is not called a nail, and that size is referred to as a spike. The heftiest of the nail family is the “common” nail which refers to the diameter of the nail shaft. An assortment of flat head steel nails and common nails would be a good start for your tool box, from the smaller size to 2d and you should be good to go with your hammer.

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