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How do I Keep Scorpions Away From my Home? 

- Amora in Prescott
Amora, if you have any kind of insects in and around your home, you’ve got scorpions. Scorpions can be brought into a home when you pick up a blanket, a box, anything that has been left on the ground outside and then carried into the home. Scorpions have poor eyesight, so they hide during the day and come out at night. They like to hide under rocks, under patio furniture, and around the foundation of your home. Keep them away by keep trash, boards, bricks and stones far away from your home. Mow your grass closely and keep bushed and trees near the home pruned so they do not touch the house walls. Trim branches that hang over your roof. Scorpions can drop from the branches onto your roof, where they can find cracks and crevices that lead to your attic. Use a home seal to fill in gaps under and around your home’s foundation, especially between the stem wall and the stucco. Keep your firewood outdoors until you are ready to burn. Keep window screens secure and free of holes. If you want to use a pesticide to kill them, by a product that specifically says it kills scorpions. Some formulations are better for these pests than others. Even better, call a pest-control professional who can bring a higher strength product to your home than anything you can buy at a home or garden store.

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