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How Far Should a Propane Tank be Placed?

Why does my propane tank have to be at least 10 feet from my home?
- Clark from Dewey

Clark, Federal and local codes mandate where a propane tank can be placed. This question is one of the most frequently asked from our customers. The location rule and placement requirements are dependent upon the size of your propane tank. Most often, tanks fall under the guidelines of the 10 foot placement rule and this applies to the majority of buildings and homes. There is a different set of placement rules for tanks that are located in parking lots, in other flammable material locations and playgrounds. Distance rules are applicable to ensure your safety. There are tank distance requirements, point of transfer distance requirements, relief valve distance requirements. To outline the relief valve distance requirements, when your tank relief valve is opened, propane escapes and vents and the area around the valve needs to be clear of any obstructions and possible source that could ignite the propane. The point of transfer distance requirements relates to the connection area of your tank. When propane is transferred, again gas is released and there is residual gas that hangs around between the valves and hose end area. This transfer area cannot have any obstructions. Consideration of the surrounding area is where your tank is placed is important, this is for your safety. Clark, while we are on the subject of tank location, I would also like to share with you and other propane users, it is important to become familiar with the odor of propane and how to shut the gas off at your tank. You should have a safety bulletin, provided by your propane company and your company, should walk you through the shut off process. If you smell gas at the tank, or in your home, it is important to call your gas supplier or 911. You can also purchase a propane detector for your home. More than likely, less than 1% of propane customer uses a propane detector. You should ask your propane company about their detectors, again, it is all about safety.

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