How Does a Dual Flush Toilet Work, and What are the Benefits? 

- Susie in Prescott Valley
Susie, Dual flush toilets handle liquids and solids differently than standard toilets. A dual-flush toilet looks like any other toilet, except it does not have a flush lever. Dual-flush toilets actually have 2 flush actuator buttons, giving the user a choice. The 1st button can be used for liquid only, which generates a .6 gallon water flush. The 2nd button would be used for solids, which generates a 1.6 gallon water flush. By installing a dual flush toilet in your home, it is possible to save approximately 20% overall in household water consumption. Dual-flush toilets on the market today have the most updated technology, combining smart, contemporary designs with proven performance to reduce water use in the bathroom, helping to conserve the world’s most valuable resource. Interest in low flush and dual flush toilets is on the rise, partly due to increased government regulation, the rising cost of water and the willingness to conserve water. In addition there are a wide range of incentives for changing over to a dual-flush toilet. For septic tank users, dual-flush toilets can reduce system loads up to 50-70%.

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