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How Can I Measure my Home's Water Pressure?

Julie, to test water pressure you must first of all have a water pressure gauge. You can purchase a gauge at most hardware stores. The next step is to turn off every plumbing fixture inside and outside the home. This includes all faucets, landscape irrigation/sprinkler system, ice maker, dishwasher, washing machine, toilets, pool/spa, and evap cooler if you have one. Then, find the outside water hose bib that is the closest to the front of the home. This hose bib location is because this is where the water enters the house from the city water supply. Take the water pressure gauge and attach to the hose bib. Turn the water spigot on. The needles on the gauge will move and will stop on a number that will indicate your water pressure. This test should be repeated approximately 3 times during the day, if at all possible during the early morning hours, early evening and at night before retiring. There will more than likely be some sort of variation every time. The range for water pressure is a minimum of 35 to 65 pounds per inch or PSI. If your pressure is low, call your water provider. If the pressure is high a water pressure regulator should be installed and you will need a plumber for that job.

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