Hot Water Recirculation Pump Does not Carry the Hot Water to Faucets

What the issue might be if your hot water recirc pump does not carry the hot water to your faucets.

Depending on the age of the water heater, Bradford White did manufacture some less than reliable “dip tubes” and this could be the cause of your problem. Also, it could be your recirc pump. The type of pump that is installed is extremely important. Is the pump at the top of your hot water heater or the bottom of the tank? That could be the problem because if it is at the top of the tank, that means more than likely it is an after market comfort series pump. A recirc pump either works or it does not work, so maybe it is time for a new pump. Is your issue with water temperature at all fixtures or just one fixture? Depending on where the fixture is and the temperature issue, this can determine whether or not your issue is with your pump. Take a thermometer and check all fixtures. If it is only one fixture, look under the sink for a small valve. This more than likely is the cause of your problem and the comfort valve needs replacing. If the temperature issue is through the entire house, I would suggest turning up the temperature to medium on your water heater. If that does not work, your water heater may be the issue and it needs to be replaced.

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