Hire a Company Trained in a Specific Brand for Maintenance?

Taking your advice for an HVAC tune-up prior to our hot summer weather arriving, do you think it is important to use a company that sells the specific brand of our HVAC unit for the service?
In talking with Ragen Hamilton, Service Manager of Moyers Heating & Cooling and Troy Koski, owner of TDK Comfort Systems, both companies feel that although a business sells your specific brand, it is not necessary to call them for service or repair for the unit. A quality HVAC contractor will and should employ NATE (North American Technical Excellence) Certified technicians and if not, most technicians are highly educated in the HVAC field, therefore the technicians are able to service and repair all makes and models of equipment. It is important that HVAC companies keep their staff trained and up-to-date on the latest technology and build relationships with the manufacturers. When it comes to servicing the higher end multiple stage modulating furnaces or boilers, you might want to stay with an authorized dealer and service provider, but again, verify the service tech education and training. Troy from TDK shared a story about a customer that had a rat eat the majority of the HVAC wires in the compressor. The customer called an unlicensed contractor because the price was right and consequently the problem went from bad to worse and several hundred dollars later the client called TDK to repair the unit properly. Ragen from Moyer’s stated without proper training from the service staff, they will not know the latest changes and technology and capabilities of the units, so make sure your technicians are certified and trained. It is important to remember that this time of the year, our area if flooded with specials that are “too good to be true” for HVAC servicing and many of these companies do not hire staff that are properly trained and are just attempting to install and sell equipment and not repair systems

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