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Fireplace in our Log Home? 

We want to install a fireplace in our log home. Is it safe?
- Millie & Ed, Prescott

Yes it is safe to install a fireplace. However, this is not a do-it-yourself project and you must hire a licensed contractor to perform this work. All fireplaces and wood burning stoves have a minimum “stand off” from combustible material. There is no difference between a log home and a conventional home when installing a fireplace. There are various types of fireplaces that work well with log homes and your builder can certainly assist you with this decision.

Is the home warranty on a log home any different than a conventional home? Tom, Sholow, AZ

A log home is covered by the same warranty as a conventional home, which in Arizona is a 2 year builder’s warranty. A log home also falls under the guidelines from the Arizona ROC as well. In addition, a log home is also covered by a limited warranty on the logs, depending on the manufacture of the log home that you have purchased. Warranties are an important component to building a log home. If your log home manufacture has less than 25 years in the warranty, please ask why. It is important on any warranty that you read then reread the warranty to understand the coverage. Take the time to understand your log home warranty.

We have added additional information for those of you considering building a log home that pertains to insurance. Keep in mind, not all insurance companies offer homeowners insurance for log homes, so start the shopping process early and start with your current agent. Also consider checking with your builders previous clients and ask who they used for coverage. Log home coverage does not tend to cost more than conventional home coverage. Keep in mind, insurance is based on where you are building, appraisal value and what risks are associated with the area in which your home is in. Also, log homeowners may be able to obtain a reduced insurance rate depending on what type of roofing material is used. If you use fire resistant material which would reduce the risk of fire and hail damage, it is possible you will obtain discounts for coverage.

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