Edging vs. Curbing

We understand that good landscape increases a home’s value and we want to be a do-it-yourself and install edging, however my wife and I are confused about the different products that we see and we are asking for HELP! Maybe this is a challenge that we should not take on. What advice can you give us?

The basic use of any edging is to separate turf, flowerbeds and rock gardens from another material. Edging and curbing does more than just adding beauty. Edging and curbing can save time and money when doing maintenance. Edging and curbing retain mulch inside of garden beds and can also be a barrier to keep roots and weeds from creeping into and out of your garden beds. Edging and curbing a terrific ways to break up sections of your landscape and design separate beds and gardens in your yard. They can also be used a focal points around larger trees and flower beds. There is a basic difference between edging and curbing and it all depends on the application. Are you going for a more decorative look? What are the environmental factors? If there is a lot of freeze or thaw, you might not want curbing. What type of ground cover are you trying to separate. Decorative situations probably call for curbing more so than edging. If they are installed properly, edging are not highly visible. Edging provides a clean crisp edge that loses itself in a landscape. Edging material can be anything from black rubber to tin to small wrought iron pieces, pickets, plastic edging. Curbing appeals to a wide range of people, however the real disadvantage are the concrete cracks that eventually appear. Many consumers install curbing for patios, driveways, entranceways, flowerbeds and to separate home and yard and curbing is being used for many atypical applications, such as for retaining barriers, erosion control and for creating drainage. Curbing has come a long way from the basic concrete look. They now use stamping and color and curbing can be made to look like anything. You can create the look of brick or stone. You must be sure that curbing is here you want it as it is a permanent product that will give you many years of beauty. Curbing and edging is an inexpensive way to give your property a great look. Keep in minds, there are goals you should have for your yard, do you want something to add beauty around your flower beds, or do you want something more sustainable to keep the critters out? You can certainly do your own edging with some of the wire and plastic products they have on the market. Curbing is not a do-it-yourself project and you should hire a curbing extruder to install your vision for curbing. If your goal is to create a decorative look, you should consider hiring a landscaper that can walk you through the process and share with you the distinctive looks from various products to see if they fit with the rest of your landscape. Again, edging and curbing can add value to your home and we wish for you a magnificent lawn and flower bed edge.

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