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Do I Have to Call for a Blue Stake?

I am installing a fence in my backyard. Do I have to call for a Blue Stake?

Yes, all homeowners are required to notify Blue Stake in advance of their excavation projects. Even shallow depth projects have a possibility of coming into contact with telecommunication, electric or gas distribution lines. The process is free and can even be completed online by utilizing the Blue Stake E-Stake system. Once you have notified Blue Stake of your project, the facility owners/operators in your area will either mark their facilities or indicate a status of: no conflict”. When you contact Blue Stake, provide your e-mail address to receive positive responses. (No Conflict, Marked Completely, No Access, etc. from all of the affected facility owners/operators. If you have a subcontractor doing the work for you on your property, make sure they have contacted Blue Stake before they begin any excavation work. All member underground facility operators that have underground facilities on the site of the planned excavation must respond within two full working days following the day of your notification. This excludes Saturday’s and Sunday’s and legal holidays. Due to the number of underground facility operators marking the same type of facility using the same color code, many underground facility operators will initial their locate markings. The color codes are designated by the Arizona Corporation Commission and are restricted for the use in marking underground facilities.


Electric Power Distribution and Transmission


Safety Red

Gas Distribution and Transmission
Oil Product Distribution and Transmission
Dangerous Materials, Product Lines


High Visibility Safety Yellow

Telephone and Telegraph Systems
Cable Television


Safety Alert Orange

Fiber Optics Communication Lines


The Letter "F" in Safety Alert Orange

Water Systems


Safety Precaution Blue

Sanitary Sewer Systems


Safety Green

Reclaimed Water



Land Surveyor Markings



Once you have contacted Blue Stake you will receive a copy of the ticket being distributed to the utility companies that may have conflict with your excavation. This ticket will let you know who has been notified and the facility owner/operator will respond to your request in 1 of several ways:

An e-mail letting you know there is no conflict. This requires that you give an e-mail address to the Blue Stake center when you call to request a ticket. Or you will see physical markings on the ground in the area of your excavation that indicates the path of the underground facilities. Once all utilities have responded you must begin your excavation. You must conduct your excavation in a “careful and prudent manner.” The law defines “careful and prudent manner” as: Conducting an excavation in such a way that when the excavation is less than or equal to 24 inches from an underground facility that is marked with stakes or paint or in some customary manner, the facility is carefully exposed with hand tools, and the uncovered facility is supported and protected.

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