What Type of New Flooring do you Recommend?

Help, we hate our carpet and want to get rid of it! However, we are confused about what to put in its place, there are so many new choices in flooring.
What do you recommend?

Caroline, in Arizona our biggest worry is our soil, which can cause problems with the foundations of our homes. Fortunately, most problems caused by bad soil can be repaired. A lot of soil-related problems arise because homeowners assume living in a dry climate means the soil is dry, sandy and stable, so they do not think twice about planting and watering near the house. In many areas of the state, the soil contains a high percentage of clay, meaning it is neither sandy nor stable. In fact clay-based soil expands, when it gets wet and shrinks when it dries. Soil is moisture-sensitive, and as long as it is dry, there is no problem. Water changes everything. As soon as moisture fluctuates, during a monsoon storm or if your neighbor plants a yard full of thirsty greenery, the problems begin. When clay-rich soil comes in contact with water, it expands, causing the soil particles to push upward. If that happens right under your house, it can damage your foundation. Expansive soil is among the most expensive geologic hazards and causes $300 million a year in damage to homes. Problems associated with expansive soils include: foundation cracks, cracks in floor slabs and walls, jammed doors and windows, ruptured pipes and cracks in sidewalks and roads. The best cure prevention is to keep water away from your house and keep the soil dry. The most drastic cure: You might have to get your damaged foundation repaired and replace the expansive soil with a non-expansive alternative. Sound expensive? It is. Not all soil is Arizona is expansive. Some is collapsible, which means it is loose and dry, and will collapse and compact when it gets wet. This kind of soil can cause your home to settle rather than heave, but the symptoms are similar to the heaving brought on by expansive soils, cracked foundations, floors and walls. If you suspect the cracks around your windows and doors are bigger and more numerous than normal, it might be a good idea to consult with an engineer who can evaluate the soil on your property and determine whether you need to take drastic measures. Keep water away from your house, The drier the soil is, the fewer problems you will see.

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