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Dishwasher cloudy? Dishes not clean?   

I am 6 months new to Prescott and cannot figure out what is going on with my dishwasher.  The stainless steel dishwasher door and tub is cloudy and is taking on a dull appearance, my utensils are spotting and the glassware has a white film after a wash.  I would have expected a new appliance to work much better than this.  Can you shed some clear thoughts as to what is happening?  

More than likely this is not a dishwasher issue.  We have hard water in the Prescott Basin, which has a high mineral content, specifically magnesium and calcium.  Hard water causes scaling, which are those mineral deposits you see around faucet rims, inside toilet bowls and hard water is also the leader of creating film on glass shower doors, sinks and tubs and more than likely is part of the cause of your dishwasher woes.  A water filtration system will definitely help with this issue as hard water can affect how well your dishwasher cleans.   Another piece of the puzzle is possibly due to phosphate-free detergents.  There are 17 states that have passed phosphate-free detergents limiting the amount of phosphorous in household dishwasher detergents. Arizona is not one of the mandated banned states, however, more and more manufacturers are reformulating their products, for national markets.  You ask why the ban?  “Phosphates when discharged into the environment, promote algae growth in local waters.  These sudden blooms of algae trigger a process called eutrophication in which local waters become starved of oxygen and devoid of life.  This issue is of special concern to anyone living near a lake or pond.” said Seventh Generation, maker of phosphate-free soaps.   Detergents without phosphates may possibly leave the white film that you see on dishes or cause the inside of the dishwasher to take on a dull look, and causing blame to fall on the unsuspecting dishwasher.  

We have some goods news, right here in Prescott as a way to help reduce the white film buildup.  Citra Charge-Pro is the tough, hard water spot and film eliminator.  This product will leave your dishes shining, your glasses spotless, your pots and pans sparking clean and your dishwasher looking like new again and will help fight off the phosphate-free detergent. Citra Charge-Pro can also be used to clean washing machines, toilets, shower doors, windows, shower heads and much more.  This wonderful product is sold at The Plumbing Store and Kim Gagnon, owner and the wonderful team there can give you all of the pointers on this wonderful “easy breezy” product.

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