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Can Pull Out Shelves be Added to my Existing Cabinets?

I am an older citizen and have a bad back. Can pull out shelves be added to my existing cabinets to give me easier access?

- Al in Chino Valley

Al, one of the most effective ways to give a person easier access to the things you need is to add slide out shelving. This can be done and will save you heart ache, or other aches for that matter. Pullouts are great for seniors, physically-challenged, aging boomers with bad backs or anyone who wants easier access to their cabinets, pantry and closet area. There are benefits of converting your storage areas with pullouts. Pullout shelving has been around for decades and this type of shelving is most often used in kitchens and pantries. The main purpose to pullout shelving, slide out drawers and roll out trays is to give you considerable more access to your cabinetry from the outside vs. bending over and reaching inside, while making use of this very limited space. Adding pullout shelving/drawers not only adds convenience and value to the home, but is a wonderful organizational feature. Pullout shelving and drawers can be installed to existing cabinets without and modifications. Custom pullouts will fit any cabinet or drawer opening and this is a relatively quick and easy process and a wise investment. Installing cabinet pullouts is not just limited to cabinets where the shelving is installed. Although most cabinets have 2 shelves and this is the most common area where pullouts are installed, it is also possible to stack 3 to 4 pullout shelves in a base cabinet to fit your storage needs. Pullouts are not only limited to the kitchen, they can be installed in just about any cabinet and closet. The possibilities for storage pullouts are limitless and again, pullout shelving is customized to fit any cabinet and will maximize the space use.

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